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Sorry to say,
all poles are rented.

Call Coach Baggett for Summer meet rentals please

Pole rentals provide a cost-efficient solution to finding a vaulter the poles necessary for their vaulting series. Athletes rent poles for singular competitions or for an entire competition season. At any point in time, a pole can be exchanged at no cost.

Read Before Renting

To rent a pole/s there is a one-time/year $150 non-refundable annual fee.

The Daily Rentals shall start the day before and end the day after the pole is needed.

All Long Term Rental poles shall be returned at the end of the season (District or State).

If a pole is damaged please return for inspection.


All Poles shall be kept in a protective pole container during rental times. Before renting a pole, be sure to inspect it thoroughly for safety reasons.

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