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91 state champions, 2 national high school records, 8 ncaa and naia collegiate champions



Willamette Striders Track Club was founded over thirty years ago by coach Rick Baggett. Rick's love for teaching others and his enthusiasm for helping them grow as athletes and individuals drive his motivation to coach athletes of all ages. Rick likes to say that he was roped into coaching by inquisitive athletes who knew of his vaulting success and continuously nagged him for his input. His coaching career began with those persistent athletes who keep coming back and asking, "What can I do better?" From there, his influence has grown into one of the most successful track clubs on the West coast. He continuously pushes hard-working individuals who are committed to learning and growing to reach their athletic potential. 


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Head coach and founder of WSTC and RB Athletics


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Pole vault, long jump, high jump, and hurdles coach


Pole vault, long jump, high jump, and hurdles coach